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Proudly caring for the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

About Blue Ridge Healthcare

Blue Ridge Healthcare provides comprehensive primary care for adults, integrating across the spectrum of preventive care, acute and chronic care, and palliative care. Dr. Cathy Funk is an outpatient and inpatient internist who desires to incorporate science-based medicine with common sense care.

Dr. Funk is acutely aware of the needs and challenges in the expanding health care delivery system, having practiced in the eastern panhandle since September 2002. Blue Ridge Healthcare’s approach to delivering health care improves the health status of the patients in the community. The principles of the practice are modeled on the patient centered medical home. Each patient will receive personal health education, coordination and explanation of care and will remain stakeholders in their health. Blue Ridge Healthcare engages in performance measurements, quality improvement activities and electronic medical records for access to care.

Blue Ridge Healthcare represents the integrity of the healthcare profession and continues the values of the education Dr. Funk received from the WVU School of Medicine. Dr. Funk is active on a local, state and national level as an advocate for the patient physician relationship. Locally, it is fundamental component in the developing model of patient centered medical home.

Blue Ridge Healthcare is active in the education of medical students and physician residents. At the state level, the practice is a voice for the patients, physicians and all elements of healthcare delivery and members of the practice participate in many arenas to accomplish this. Nationally, with the participation in performance measures, quality improvements and research, the practice continues the movement forward to delivery the best health care with reducing economic cost and the health disparities.

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